Rules & Regulations

1. Operation of Fisheries

The Company is a fishing club and operates a number of fisheries for the benefit of its members. Pennington, Poaka Beck, Harlock and Ireleth Reservoirs are operated as trout fisheries and Cavendish Dock as a coarse fishery.

Fishing on all the reservoirs is restricted to members of the Company and their guests.

Fishing on Cavendish Dock is restricted to all members of the Company and their guests and to season ticket holders of the Cavendish Dock coarse fishery.

All fisheries are operated and managed in accordance with the arrangements detailed within these Rules.
2. Fishing Season

All waters assigned as rainbow trout waters, to be open all year round (any brown trout caught out of season to be returned safely to the water). Waters assigned as brown trout only will only be open for the duration of the statutory brown trout open season (15th March to 30th September).

Note: Those waters assigned as rainbow trout waters are as follows:-

• Poaka Beck reservoir
• Pennington reservoir
• Ireleth reservoirs (top and bottom)

3. Membership

The four classes of membership of the Association shall be as follows:-

Honorary Member

Members attaining 50 years continuous membership are entitled to apply for Honorary Life Membership of the Association. Honorary life membership may also be rewarded for loyal service. Certain officers shall have honorary status for the period of their tenure. Honorary memberships must be endorsed by the AGM. Honorary members shall not be entitled to vote on matters regarding subscription but shall otherwise have the privileges of a full member.

Senior Member

Members shall achieve senior status if they have reached 65 years of age by the start of the year’s fishing season and completed seven years of continuous membership. Senior members shall have all the privileges of a full member.

Full Member

Full members shall be over 18 by the 15th March

Junior Member

Junior members shall be under 18 years of age on the 15th March. A junior shall pay adult subscription upon reaching the age of 18 years. No junior shall be admitted until the age of 12 years. From 12 to 14 years of age, an adult member shall accompany the junior member. Junior members shall not be entitled to vote, to propose or second an amendment to the Articles or the Rules or rules, or to obtain a day ticket.
The two classes of Season Ticket Holders of Barrow Angling Association’s coarse fishery are as follows:-

Coarse Fishery Season Ticket Holder

Season Ticket Holders shall be over the 16 years of age on the 1st April.

Junior Season Ticket Holders shall be over 12 years of age and under 16 years on 1st April. Unaccompanied fishing restrictions applicable to Junior Season Ticket Holders are detailed in the coarse fishery rules.

New Members

The committee shall determine the number of new members. Nominations shall be sought by way of a members draw at the following AGM. A member is entitled to propose his spouse for membership. The committee reserves the right to refuse application at their discretion without stating a reason for refusal.


a. Membership in any class may be limited by the Board.

b. Every candidate for Full or Junior membership of the Association shall be proposed and seconded by 2 members of the Association, who, as well as the candidate, shall sign the application form. Admission to Full or Junior membership shall be by election of the Board who may refuse any application without stating a reason.

c. Every candidate elected to membership of the Association shall be notified of his election by the Honorary Secretary and upon paying the entrance fee and annual subscription shall be a member of the Association and shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the Articles of Association and these Rules.

d. Association members shall be entitled to fish any Association water including Cavendish Dock.

e. Coarse Fishery Season Ticket Holders of each class shall:-

• Complete the appropriate application form

• Not be entitled to fish Association trout waters (unless a guest ticket is purchased and guest is accompanied by an Association member).

• Not be entitled to participate in meetings of the Association, with the exception of those members who may be required to present reports to the Board (see paragraph 6.2)

4. Subscription

The annual subscription payable by Association members shall be such sum as the members shall determine from time to time at the AGM. It shall be payable on election to membership and thereafter annually on or before 31st January. If the subscription has not been paid by that date the defaulter shall, subject to subsequent decision of the committee, immediately cease to be a member.

The annual subscription payable by coarse fishery season ticket holders shall be payable on or before 15th March to the Association Treasurer.

Any subscription unpaid by the above date shall be deemed to be a debt to the Treasurer of the Association.

5. Signing In and Out

Members and guest ticket holders shall sign the books at the entrance to Poaka Beck, Pennington, Harlock & Ireleth reservoirs before commencing to fish and shall enter their catch return, including nil returns, on leaving the water. Any member defacing the books shall be dealt with by the committee.

6. Car Parking

Cars shall be parked in areas provided and not on the pitching, roadways or entrances to reservoirs. Members park their vehicles at Association waters at their own risk. Neither the Association nor Water Authority accepts responsibility for vehicles and/or their contents. Gates to be kept clear for access. Members/guests are not allowed to take cars on the road connecting Poaka Beck with Harlock.

7. Daily and Weekly Bag Limits

The maximum number of fish to be taken in any 1 day from one or a combination of Association waters shall be two of which nor more than one fish shall be taken from Harlock. Not more than six fish shall be taken in any calendar week or which not more than 3 fish shall be taken from Harlock. Sunday commences the week. When the maximum number of fish have been taken in any one day or week, catch and release shall be practiced for the remainder of the day/week.

8. Fishing Conditions

The following conditions apply to a membership or guest ticket issued for any of the waters owned or leased by the Association:

a. Before commencing to fish all members and guest ticket holders must be in possession of a current Environment Agency licence.

b. Members and their guests are responsible for their own personal safety and fish at their own risk.

c. The ticket shall be for one rod and line only.

d. Ground baiting is strictly prohibited.

e. The line shall be cast by the rod and not by hand.

f. No member shall leave his or her rod unattended.

g. Barbless or de-barbed hooks shall be used at all times. No trebles, doubles or tandem hooks to be used.

h. The following fishing methods shall be allowed on Association waters:

Harlock Reservoir
• Fly Only

Poaka Beck and Pennington Reservoirs
• Fly/bubble and fly
• Spinner and spun natural minnow (single hook)

Ireleth Reservoirs
• Fly/bubble and fly

Cavendish Dock
• Fly/bubble and fly
• Spinner and spun natural minnow (single hook)
• Worm

i. The maximum size of bubble floats allowed shall be 1.5 inches/40mm at its widest point.

j. The maximum weight of spinner shall be 12gms.

k. Anglers shall not be allowed to use a boat on any of the Association’s waters.

l. It is permitted to access the waters up to Wellington boot top height.

m. Members are allowed to take one non-fishing companion on to the reservoir banks who shall become the responsibility of the member.

n. Dogs shall not be allowed on any of the Association’s waters.

o. Members/guests shall produce their ticket when requested by any member of the Association, or employees of the Water Authority or Environment Agency.

p. The minimum size of trout to be killed shall be ten inches from nose to fork of tail.

q. All tagged fish shall be returned safely to the water.

r. All returned fish shall be handled with care. Beaching of fish is NOT allowed.

s. Fish taken from the Association waters shall not be sold.

t. Fishing is not permitted from the dam at Poaka Beck Reservoir. No angler shall walk across the dam face. Access across the dam is restricted to the pathway along the top of the dam. Anglers shall not fish from this pathway.

9. Guest Tickets

Guest tickets are available to members (not juniors) to enable a guest to fish with them on Association waters. The member is responsible for the conduct and safety of the guest. All club rules apply to guests.

Guest Tickets are available from the Hon Secretary and/or a member nominated by him.

10. Restriction / Closure

Fishing shall not be allowed until the morning following stocking.

The committee shall have the right to close any of the waters of the Association, or any portions of the waters, at its discretion.

11. General Notes

Anglers shall not:

• Foul the water
• Interfere with valves, weirs, or other works
• Cause damage to fences, plantations, banks or walls
• Discard litter and nylon

12. Correspondence and Communications

a. No Member shall have contact on Association Matters with any Local or National Council, Authoritative Body or any Company, Association or Individual that may have influence over, or affect our fishing. Any correspondence or communication with any external body shall only be through the Committee.

b. No Member shall use any form of written or electronic communication or media (including press and social media) in any way that may be deemed to be bringing the club into disrepute. This includes publicising or making any other comment regarding the club, its representatives or other Members or Season Ticket Holders without prior permission from the Committee

13. Enforcement

All members shall be bound by these Rules. Anyone in breach shall be dealt with by the committee, who reserve the right to suspend or expel the offending member in accordance with the conditions set out in the Articles of Association.